Repair your windshield – don’t replace it


Repair your windshield – don’t replace it

For many car owners, the first thought that pops into their head when their windshield is chipped or broken, is to replace it. But that is often not necessary with smaller damages, which means that unlucky car owners can repair their windshield, and save the cost and time-consuming process of replacing it. Because windshields have a plastic membrane that permanently holds the two layers of windshield glass together, the glass will not shatter if something hits it. This makes it possible to repair damages made by stones or other flying debris. Replacing the entire windshield for just a small bullseye or crack in the glass, that can be fixed in under 15 minutes seems very unnecessary, when there are other options.

Repairing is cheaper than replacing – and faster


It actually takes 5-15 minutes less to repair the chipped windshield, than it does to replace it. Windshield repair is a better solution for your wallet and for the environment. Replacing things just because of small damages is often unnecessary, and shouldn’t be the first solution that comes to mind. For many it seems smarter and better to constantly buy new things instead of repairing the old. But that is not the best choice, when things aren’t to broken to fix. Furthermore, if the repair is cheaper than buying an entirely new windshield for the car, then it is hard arguing for a replacement.

It is always better to repair instead of replacing

It can be expensive and very redundant to replace everything because of small damages, when repair solutions actually exist for the specific problem. If it is a small bullseye less than two centimeters or a crack no more than 30 centimeters, it is possible to repair it without replacing the entire glass. Too often repairers change the entire windshield, simply because it seems easier to have a completely new windshield instead of a repaired one. Repairers as well as everyone need to be convinced to use new methods, when the old one works just fine. Using a kit to repair glass with new tools and methods may seem redundant, but after witnessing the effect as well as the lowered cost, most people will see the many benefits of windshield repair.

Don’t despair when a stone hits your windshield


Using resin, vacuum and UV-lights, it is possible to repair the small damages to the glass and get a clean and clear windshield again. With no cutting or heating required, it makes the repairing process less risky. Without using dangerous tools and methods, it is much harder to break the glass and much harder to get injured in the process as well. Using resin to repair the windshield glass may seem like a patched up solution to some, when in reality it is a completely professional repair, that doesn’t leave any marks on the glass afterwards. The resin glues the two layers of glass together, making the bullseye disappear in the process. The windshield doesn’t get weaker or is more likely to break when it has been repaired, which is why in this case, it is better to repair than to replace.

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